Photon / フォトン

Photon / フォトン

Late 2022
[Panel, Gum bichromate print on wood]
image size : Φ25mm

What is "Photon"?





写真を見るときあなたは何を見ているのでしょうか? あなたは写真を見ることができるのでしょうか?
光を記録した写真、"Photon" には何を見ることができるでしょうか?

あなたが "Photon" と対峙したとき、きっと "Conpton" は存在するでしょう。

"Photon" is a sphere of photographic created from sunlight on September 22, 2022.

What are you looking at when you look at a photograph?

For example, have you ever experienced a moment when you look at a photograph of a flower and forget that it is a photograph and recognize only the flower?
At that moment, the photo becomes the object itself, and when you recognize it again as a photo, you realize that the photo itself has become transparent.

I feel that the realism of the photograph itself has a great influence on the transparency of the photograph.

When you look at a photograph, what are you looking at? Can you see the photograph?
What do you see in a "Photon," a photograph that records light?

When you confront "Photon", "Conpton" will be there.

Conpton / コンプトン (NFT)

Conpton / コンプトン

Late 2022
[PNG file] Ed:open
image size : H600 × W600 pixel


本作品は、スタートバーン株式会社が提供するNFT証明書サービス、Startrail PORTを通じて発行されております。

Special editionとして展示発表と同時に10の"Conpton"を販売予定です。
10の限定販売というわけではなく、Special edition(10)→First edition(?)→Second edition(?)としてNFT発行のタイミングで分けさせていただきます。

購入にはスタートバーン株式会社が提供しているStartrail Portへのログインが必要になります。ご登録はこちらからお願いいたします。

Compton" is a coined word from "Concept-Photon", which refers to a concept created by confronting "Photon". The concept is made into a form that can be owned by NFTing the digital data of a black sphere made of pixels as the surface layer of "Conpton".

The NFT is stored in the Startrail Registry Record (SRR), a blockchain infrastructure for art created by StartBahn Inc.

Ten "Conpton" pieces will be available for sale as a special edition at the same time as the exhibition is announced. The number of "Compton" is not limited to 10, but rather Special edition(10) →First edition(?) →Second edition(?) The "Conpton" will be divided at the timing of the NFT issue.

To purchase, you will need to log in to Startrail Port, which is provided by Startbahn Inc. Please register here.

Conptons record

Conptons record

時に誰かの"Conpton"は人工光により実体化しConptons recordを展開します。

Sometimes someone's "Conpton" is materialized by artificial light and a "Conptons record" is developed. This is an attempt to visualize a specific concept in reality by materializing a "Compton" with a unique ID through NFT.     



Late 2022
[panel, Conptons(888669963808, 802749241873)] Ed:unique
size : 727×606×50mm

inserted by FC2 system